Updated: May 4, 2020

I've finally bought my lovely house in Busot, but it did take me a year and 55 house viewings, with 25 estate agents. Very stressful as I didn't have one estate agent looking after me... if I knew before I would have used #ruralcoastproperties to work on booking all of my appointments!

Anyway, I'm all sorted now and here are my top tips:

1) If you're considering buying a house consider long term about the area you are looking, perhaps staying for a few months renting in the areas you like first might save you some heartache later on. Is not easy to resell and with all the taxes it's not really worth losing your money.

2) If you want to put an offer on a house, do check its situation first... I always ask these questions.

A) Is it built on urban land (not rustic as you are much more limited to what you can build on rustic as it was originally built for agriculture and remember its very hard to get a touristic license on rustic unless it's over 10,000sqm plot and with certain requirements)

B) Is it on mains waste or septic tank, if its septic tank most councils are demanding the old cess pit type to be changed straight away to the ecological type. From 3.5k to 7k.

C) Is the house built atleast 3 metres from the boundary in atleast 3 sides.

D) Ask to see the nota simple and catastro register for the house to check both agree on the plot and house size. (I've seen many houses where it doesn't make sence) I can help you with the later it helps to show you what the council know about the house. However a good estate agent would have these to show you.

a) Ask if an extension or pool was built legally with an architect's plans or not... if it's the latter can they legalise it before purchase. After 4 years generally your safe from fines and being asked to be knocked down but then if you want a touristic license in future you maybe tainted, so not worth the risk.

F) If you are thinking about future development ask how much more you would be allowed to build, some areas you can build upto 20 percent, some 30 or 40 so do double check with your lawyer.

G) When you purchase a house for alot less, the tax man might still want more money off you. For instance if a house you purchase is for 195k but tax man thinks (when paying your purchase tax of 10 percent) and it's worth 205k they can request this extra later from you upto 4 years later. So bare in mind or pay straight away.

H) Most importantly they must provide you with the SECOND OCCUPATION LICENSE. The license only last 10 years so if they don't have this they must apply before you exchange contracts. If you don't have this document you can't change the bills in your name and you can't put electric and water back on without it. If it's been disconnected you won't be able to reconnect. And that said if you have bought a house and the water or electric has been disconnected I've had friends that had to pay around 400 euros and 700 euros to reconnect and 1 of then waiting a month for thier water connection.

I) If you want to buy a house to use as a holiday rental. You can ask the council for an urbanistic compatilbilty certificate prior to purchasing this will usually take a few days. This document will tell you if the house can be used for business and tourism. So very beneficial!

J) Always use a gestor or lawyer that has been recommended to you and they can also help you with obtaining your nie and bank account. I can recommend a few if you need any assistance let me know.

🙏So I hope this helps don't rush into it... and get caught out. I also recommend only paying 3k deposit once you're offer is accepted on a house to go to a client account with the estate agent or solicitor. Safer that way.... Once you're solicitor has done all the necessary checks then you can pay your 10% deposit I've seen many people lose thier deposit. So best to be on the safe side.

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