The Greater the Storm, the Brighter the Rainbow......

Updated: May 4

Covid-19 and the restrictions surrounding it are now beginning to take their toll on many people.

Although here in Spain we appear to be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, for those who have family in the UK, the road ahead appears to be a long one.

Luckily we have the likes of Skype and Zoom in order to see and speak to one another, but it’s not the same as a hug or a cuddle. The Covid-19 pandemic will go down in history, so it is important that we document these times for future generations. This is why I’ve put together a range of “Lockdown” items that people can send to one another, or buy for themselves as a reminder of this strange time.

Hugs, tokens and cards are a great way to let those you love know you are missing them and thinking about them, but they are also a lovely keepsake to pass on to children when telling them the tales of clapping at 8pm every night to show our appreciation to key workers, or about the police and ambulances coming around to show their thanks to us for staying at home, and the crazy people buying all the loo rolls from the supermarket shelves!

Those of us with children will likely have endless amounts of drawings, collages, colourings and cuttings that we have done to try and keep our little ones entertained. The hand prints are my favourite, and along with the amazing certificates that the Guardia Nacionál are giving out, and numerous activities downloaded from the internet, I now have a vast array of artwork that needs to be displayed somewhere special, which is why I’m creating a “Lockdown Scrapbook” which can be personalized with any wording.

I created the rainbow logo along with the “the greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow”, slogan to be placed on t-shirts, mugs and cards as the rainbow is certainly the symbol of the pandemic. These are great things to buy for yourself reminding us to stay home, stay safe and save lives. The stacking rainbows are also a lovely addition to a child’s bedroom, and can also be engraved with “lockdown 2020”, or anything else for that matter.

I’m well aware that many people are

struggling due to lack of work, or the closure to their business, which is why I am keeping my costs to an absolute minimum at the moment. I’m trying to source cheaper stock or buying in bulk, and am taking very little into account for my time, but it’s the least I can do for my clients who have put their trust in me for the last two years to deliver unique and individual gifts.

Please take a look on my page for all the available “lockdown” gift ideas and prices, and if you see something elsewhere you think I could make then please ask.

Don‘t forget to sign up to this page so you can like and leave a comment! I’d love to know your thoughts!!

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