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John and Maria Jesus moved to El Campello with their three small boys, dog, and cat three years ago from Ireland. Like any move to another country it was challenging. Fortunately, Maria is Spanish and her parents who live in Campello helped with the whole process only delighted to have their grandchildren nearby. Two years ago with the three kids in the local school speaking Spanish, English and Valencia, they opened a holistic centre and shop in the town, called “Sen Centro Holistico” or SEN for short.

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Maria Jesus had left a successful centre in Dublin and had many years’ experience helping and empowering people in their lives. She is the author of several books on relationships. The shop is a mixture of crystals, jewellery and all things spiritual hand picked by Maria as the best she has seen in her travels. It is normally open in the mornings from 10am until 1pm and is in Campello Pueblo beside COPITEC just 2 minutes from the tram line.

Maria Jesus also sees people for 1-1 sessions. She is developing a great reputation in the town for being an excellent massage therapist who can release long term aches and pains from the body. In her esoteric work she also does 1-1 energy healing and can zoom into a person’s energy body and release blocks, unhelpful patterns and even untangle ancestral and family dynamics. Her real gift is empowering women in their lives, relationships and loves especially where they feel wounded or beaten down. Maria has a way of modelling and coaching women through trauma, fear and anxiety that builds them back up into confident, empowered, and loving people able to successfully meet the ups and downs of relationship life.

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John worked for many years in Dublin and around Ireland as a retreat facilitator and teacher. He was a Buddhist monk and studied in many of the world’s religions as a spiritual teacher and guide. In Campello he offers 1-1 personal retreats for people who are sick, in recovery or need to recharge spiritually and psychologically. He offers 1-1 sessions in a variety of contexts, energy healing, mindfulness training, spiritual counselling. His real gift is to empower people spiritually in finding meaning, connection and love in the face of emptiness, loss, and brokenness. He also reads tarot cards and gives 1-1 psychic and mediumistic sessions.

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John is an interfaith minister and with Maria Jesus they are excited to start offering work as celebrants. If you need someone to do a wedding, funeral or baby blessing then look no further. We are unique in that we do it together and offer the ceremonies in English, Spanish and a variety of other languages. We will also help you design your ideal ceremony so that it includes all the elements you

want and is fully inclusive and special. Because of the sensitive nature of this work we also offer 1-1, couple and family support before and after the ceremony if necessary.

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We hope to meet up soon in our Shop and Centre and are offering a 10% Discount off any of our products to readers!!!

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