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During lockdown we are all getting creative in the kitchen and eating less takeouts which is fantastic! But it also means we're in the house more and for many alot more sedentary. I would like to give you some tips to help you keep healthy at home!

The most 3 important things we should be thinking about during lockdown is BOOSTING YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM, LOWERING YOUR CALORIE INTAKE and CONTROLLING YOUR TREATS.

With 6 weeks down I'm guessing a few of us and even me have seen a difference in the scales, waistline and/muscle loss.

I myself have gone from participating in atleast 10 hours of fitness to just 3 hours of exercise which is a real good number of hours for the average adult. But my body has lost alot of muscle mass which if I don't control my calorie intake I'm gonna put on alot of excess weight. Being used to eating 3000 calories a day that's not what my body needs right now when I'm in my house most days with little exercise.

So I'm going to share a few things with you today which might save you some heartache going forward.

So how do we boost our immune system?

With the virus still spreading we still have to ensure we are following the distancing procedures. But in the event that we still get the virus... we can help ourselves to beat it with a strong immune system.

Three nutrients that you should definitely include (because they help to support your immune system) are vitamin A (found in sweet potato and spinach), vitamin C (found in berries, tomatoes & peppers) and zinc (found in meat, shellfish, dairy and bread). So trying to eat a source of these in your daily diet can help you. Also, exercise be it 30 mins a day or 3 hours a week you can help your body fight a virus by keeping your heart & lungs strong. By increasing your heart rate and amount of air your lungs are inhaling and exhaling, means you are increasing the organs strength and size. Again helping you to get rid of the dreaded pneumonia if you were to catch it. Exercise also helps to strengthen your muscles and reduce muscle wastage, aswell as boosting the mind and the happy hormones helping with your mental state at this difficult time.

How do we ensure we aren't over eating?

Well a simple calculation can help you realise what your body needs and what your body is just craving.

So take:

1) Your body weight in lbs

2) Calculate it by how sedentary you are a) if you are hardly doing much and sitting down most of the time. X by 11. b) if you are kind of getting about and trying to exercise at least once a week X by 12. c) If you are keeping very active, doing lots of gardening and DIY x by 13. This will give you your maintenance calories, the amount your body needs to sustain what your current weight.

3) If you are doing 1 online fitness class (any classes with your favourite trainers) a week you can add on 100 cals. 2 classes 200 cals and 3 classes add 300 cals. This will help you obtain the few extra calories you need to get you through the classes.

This will then give you the amount of calories you need to maintain your current weight.

If you would like to lose weight?

4) Then take the maintenance calories + the extra for any fitness classes you are participating in and then - 500 calories. This will give you how many calories your body needs to lose weight.

Then the hardest bit is looking at how you can calculate these calories. If you need help I can share with you my portion control plan that makes this part very easy without having to count calories. However, looking at the back of packets can give you a rough idea! Try to eat a wide variety of food and include oily fish about 3 times a week can help with your brain and muscle functions. Eat enough fibre to help your digestion. Enough protein to help maintain your muscle mass. Enough fruit and vegetables to obtain your vitamins and minerals your body needs to keep in optimal health. Eat healthy fats like avocado and nuts. Limit your dairy like cheeses and carbohydrates like cakes, bread, pasta, rice and white potato and fried foods, as these can increase your weight and cholesterol and being over-weight can mean your more susceptible to diabetes, cancer, lung and heart diseases and high blood pressure. So try to be mindful 😉

Eating treats is a way for us to keep up the happy hormones but not good for the cholesterol levels... so how do we curb it!

Try these things...

Hydrate - alot of the time we don't drink enough water, aim to drink at least 8 glasses a day. Your organs need this water to survive, aswell as your skin and it aids digestion.

Fancy something sweet - how about going for a healthy fruit salad and a greek yogurt without added sugar. A peice of dark chocolate atleast 70 percent cocoa will curb your craving and help you feel fuller for longer and you can't eat a whole bar... it's too rich. How about healthier options for your cakes use natural sugars or honey for your cakes and limit flour by using almond flour to make a lemon or banana cake. Almond is more filling and packed with protein so you'll eat less cake and more tasty! Have a healthy smoothie with fruit and veg with lots of ginger gives a nice zing!

Go for savoury over sweet - try not to snack by having 5 smaller meals throughout the day. This is much better for your metabolism making for efficient calorie burning and helps you feel fuller. And snack on veg sticks perhaps with hummus or a few homemade kale chips.

Give yourself a treat only on workout days - Many of us athletes chose to have treats on exercise only days because we can maintain our weight that way!

What ever way you put in we just need to try to eat a balanced diet, with majority of carbs coming from vegetables and smaller portions of bread, rice, potato and pasta will really help you not to pack on them lbs. Go for one piece of bread and more veg or a pasta alternative like courgetti for instance will help us to stay in shape. As believe it or not it's the carbs that put weight on us and not fat we eat necessarily as physically we cant get that much fat it's too filling. But carbs we can easily overeat on!

Drinking water with every meal is also another little trick.

Anyway I hope you keep on with your health kick and try to keep healthy and safe as much as you can. So we can all get through this together and enjoy many more memories together going forward.

If anyone would like to chat to me personally about thier nutrition. I will be happy to help x

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