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From a young girl I've always been into art at school, I was always the top of the class in project work... and I got used to the name of teachers pet ha ha... when I was in secondary school I represented the school 3 years running in the Boroughs Technology Competition. Twice becoming first place and the last time was 2nd. It was a great way to build my confidence also actually... as I was always so very shy... you wouldn't think that now 😉 but I was so shy I always stuck with the same set of friends... but I suppose I had to grow up at some point and my career aspirations pushed me to come out of my shell. I really wanted to be a clothes designer when I was younger but getting married at a 21, prevented that from happening! So I worked in Fashion Retail instead and got my creative fix doing Visual Merchandising and managing various stores... I used to love making a shop look pretty and helping my staff to progress in their own careers. Even a shop like Peacocks... that I managed became the flagship store of the area because it always looked posh... eventhough we know it's not ha ha.

When I finally got fed up of retail after 10 years, because of the long hours, I decided I had to get into admin since being a PA was really highly paid in London that was my goal... but it wasn't me, I loved the organising part but there was never enough creativity for my liking! So I made it my thing in every job I did to go out of my way to make it fun.

I utilised my creativity to work my way up the career ladder. My latest role being at AXA UK's head office looking after The Chief Technology Officer and Chief of IT Security. Taught me so much but also helpped me to boost my confidence and made me really think about what it would be like to be an entrepreneur, working for myself... as my boss was always talking about INNOVATION! I was bored of just booking the diary everyday and doing the same tasks day in and day out. That I decided to get a hobby at home... I started to make Macrame jewellery and tell them at craft fairs. You can see my old designs at

I loved making them and seeing so many people buying the bracelets and necklaces....and making around 250 per craft fair in pocket money, it was a nice hobby but sitting down making them was so boring... it just is not me! It really hurts to sit down!

So then I took my focus back at work... they needed an internal comms person, there was no collaboration between the different departments, a office with no atmosphere, no one chatting. So I made it my thing to start running a PA forum with 20 other PA's in the office and collate all of the info of events in the office, and promote best practice across the departments by writing a weekly newsletter and I created my own section in our internal communications website. The marketing team eventually saw all of the hard work I had been putting in and that I had great creative skill and eye for their marketing and branding material. I then quickly became the citizens advice bureau for the office, I took on various marketing courses to enable me to really make a difference to the culture in the office . I began being the go to person in the office for marketing and comms for an office of 500 people and trying to create a place where people are happy to work. This was a great opportunity that I opened up for myself as I saw that the office needed it and within a few months the office staff began changing their attitude and joining in our charity and cultural events ...I think this is why meeting people, making friends and running the #expatladiesofelcampello&neighbouringtowns group with 400 members became 2nd nature to me. I also loved getting involved in looking after the community and I became heavily involved in Charity work for the office and with my initiatives we raised around 25k for Macmillan. My normal PA job then turned into my dream job... it was a job I made myself from my eagerness to do something creative. So this was one side of my life... and bearing in mind sitting down hurts me too much, this takes me onto my fitness.

I was kindly invited by my brother #PhilanthonyM about 7 years ago to Phuket because at that time he was the Operating Director of #Phuketcleanse this was an amazing detox retreat and this changed my life forever. I went with my sister and by the way detox works I lost 10lbs in 10 days on this raw vegan diet... which I know is not me at all now right. But the food and Juices being Thai inspired was totally wonderful and tasty. We worked out about 3 times a day and went into a state called ketosis. Which is where the body converts to burning body fat and the fat you eat into energy and not relying on carbs... this was my life changing point I lost 2 1/2 stone in 4 months with keto. My energy levels even quadrupled, it was like seeing myself in a different light. This was me reborn!! I started back at the gym after 12 years I hadn't done PUMP... but I easily regained my love in this class format by Les Mills. I then found PUMP getting too easy so I tried adding Zumba after my Pump class and then Yoga. Until on some nights I was doing 3 back to back classes. Then this is when I knew Teaching Fitness was for me, it made me feel so great I wanted to share that feeling with others! So I made it a thing... to learn as many fitness formats in one year! And I did it! With a fulltime job and a part time evening job as a Pump & Zumba Instructor. I smashed out training in Nutrition too!

Then when my husband and I decided we wanted to move to Spain. It was a no brainer I knew that I could then use my true love in Fitness as a job in Spain. I googled English speaking gyms for expats and there were none! So I decided that when I came over to teach free classes, to make friends and then build my business through recommendations was the only way I could do it.

I can say that I now love my job so much and it brings me so much joy... because fitness is not just about how you look. It makes me so happy when I can see the benefits of people coming to my classes everyweek they are getting stonger, fitter and more confident, and that makes me so proud! As I know this is helpping them to sustain a healthier body and bones, but also mindset. The job isn't just about what I've been trained in, I love the way I can use music and my creativity to make my classes different from everyone else's. I'm continuously upskilling and learning new things to make my classes unique. The pump format is only using dumbbells so not as scary as with using a barbell for newbies. I cleverly choreographed #flexandtone from my love of Yoga and Pilates but because my pet hate was to not exercise without music.... this is all choreographed in a way to give you challenge but also nice relaxing stretch time in between... all to sultry bachata. This is my baby... #bombalatinoalicante with now around 24 regular members I'm so happy that I could make my dream work... I just need to work a little bit harder to make it work forever! And regain my focus on the fitness retreats...

I hope you are inspired by my blog, and you can see a light out of turning your hobby into your own business and a job you love.

As I always tell my 20 year old daughter you can be an entrepreneur at any age. List the skills you are good at, look at what activities you don't like, look at what is needed in your area. Then you can make a business plan from that. Yes, you have to start small but if you put the effort and creativity and love into it! That will show and you will be loved back!

My inspirational small businesses in Alicante so far are #brookeavacandles #ruralcoastproperties #kkkreations #cathscreations and not forgetting the amazing #bellsbrotherslamarina these people only started out in the last year or so and look how they are shining and inspiring others!!

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