A healthy approach to facing our current isolation

I was quite concerned at first to see a rise in drug and alcohol abuse amongst people under lockdown as reported in the news globally, this lead me to think of the reasons for that and the possible underlying cause. 

I have always been curious about our way of thinking and our way of dealing with difficult times and helping people address their fears and worries has always been a passion of mine. 

We know depression may arise from long periods of self-isolation and lack of socializing, but can we go beyond our instant impulses and emotions and reassure ourselves by focusing on all the time we currently have in a positive and creative manner? 

The answer is yes, with some effort, meditation and self-reflection we can sit and share a cup of tea with our emotions, understand them, and redirect them to creativity.

Being able to see in the long term can help us be wiser and more sane with our choices. Thinking about things we wish to do, personal goals and desires we want to accomplish can push us to develop little habits that accumulate over time and help us succeed. 

One needs to be comfortable in his own company, to develop his own little daily occupations which together, form what we call a routine. A routine will make it easier to go through your day without feeling like you haven't done much. It will also allow for separate ''me time'' and ''together time'' with your spouse or loved ones. Because we all need some privacy here and there too, without forgetting to be kind and understanding with our relatives as they are facing the same difficult time as we are. 

Usually, before the pandemic, we would often complain about how fast the world is going around us, how little time we have to accomplish all the things we want to do in a day and how stressful life would be for us. Now that time is on our side, there is an endless range of ideas and hobbies you may have had in the past that you can bring back to life.

To start, make sure you have a daily physical activity scheduled, no matter the length or level of difficulty, you should strive to move your body a little bit everyday (and not only during this pandemic!). We are clearly spending more time sitting than ever before so it is of great importance that you include some exercise to your day. If you do not have a garden to get some daily steps, you can follow Martine Mikhail's fitness classes which she organizes 3 times per week or you can do one of your favorite stretching routines. This is a great boost for your concentration as well, so consider doing it in the morning or before you take on your next mentally challenging activity. 

My next bit of advice is that you stay conscious about the food you are eating, snacking will usually be out of boredom rather than hunger as we are not being our most active selves (unless you and your family organize a disco party every night, in that case I wish I could join!) but in general terms, do not let yourself eat excessively and uncontrollably.

Now that those two main issues are covered, its time for you to bring back to life those fun and engaging hobbies you've forgotten because of a busy life, but not only that, challenge yourself, start writing about what inspires you, you have been through amazing experiences in your life, why not share some valuable life lessons by writing them down!

And if becoming the next best-selling author is not on your bucket list then try crafting some things with your hands, if you're not Bob the Builder either, then focus on a few subjects that interest you and learn more about them, its never too late to learn a new skill or show off as a wisecracker in your next social gathering once we're able to come together again.

Do things that enrichen you as a person. Activities that fill your soul, yes, even sharing a few old jokes with your hubby, all while taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing.

Have fun, do things that make you smile and laugh. Don't let yourself be bitter or sad as this too shall pass my friend, and we have plenty of more memorable moments to share together!


About Lucie Ashkenazi: 

Lucie is a french podiatrist and coach for type 2 diabetic women. In her free time she loves to exercise and cook, read about health, psychology and philosophy. When in Spain she lives in a little country house in Busot and enjoys chatting with the local residents. She has grown up in the Dominican Republic, giving her a multicultural personality and open mind with a curiosity for different cultures and a love for islands, beaches and warm weather. For more information about her work you can visit her website: ladiabetescoach.com

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