This website was founded for Expats and Tourists to find local products and services in Alicante.

 These small businesses are run by Expats from all over the world, with many of the products and services manufactured by their creative talents, some are driven by their passion, but all of them are definately created because they had seen a gap in the local market.

Without these small businesses many expats may feel unsettled in their new environment - especially for those who have moved to a new area or country, have little knowledge of the Spanish language and don't know many people.

So having these English speaking businesses give hope to thier clients and help them to intergrate into their new homes. This is why we have started to collate these businesses for you to have a one stop shop to find what you need, without the hassle of trawling through the internet to find them.


The best thing is all of these businesses have been highly recommended!!

If you are a business and you would like to advertise with us please email: escapetoespana@gmail.com

Martine Mikhail

Founder of Escape to Espana.com & Bomba Latino Alicante

Hi my name is Martine, you may have heard of me by the name of Bomba lady ha ha!

I moved to Alicante 1 year and 3 months ago with a dream of changing the lifestyle of my husband and I. In our 20 years of marriage we worked so hard, that we never saw eachother and with our daughter turning 18 it felt like the right time to move to Spain to fulfill our dreams, of an better work/life balance. Like many of us do we get sucked in by all of the beautiful houses on place in the sun! A little bit of advice for anyone else looking to do the move, please do your research. Spain is so very different from the UK, so laid back with many of the products and services on offer rather limited to what we are used to. However, that said in some ways thats good, as there are alot of areas where expats could be pursuaded to open their own business... so I hope this inspires you...

When I first came to Alicante, my dream was to run fitness retreats, but it took me 1 year and 2 months to actually find the house of my dreams. However, in the meantime, I starting running an outdoor fitness business in El Campello. This was a great place for me as this is where I found the majority of Expats to be and knowing little Spanish I knew that this would be the perfect area for my expat businesses. So now I run between 10 - 15 classes a week, to various people of different age groups and fitness levels and I absolutely love it! But not only that this also helpped me to make some really good friendships.

We also were given the chance 6 months ago, to try our hand at cafe/guarderia management and now we are proud 3rd owners of The Garden Room Campello. Which presents its own set of challenges but keeps us busy and its lots of fun for me to be able to network and organise events for them.

Always being a friendly person, I found myself making new friends here very easily and I could not understand when some of the ladies I met, tell me that they have been here for years and that they had not managed to make many friends. So with that I started up and Expat Ladies Social Group which has now around 400 members. 


From this group I quickly realised how stressful it was for ladies and their families moving to a foreign country and trying to get the nie and the dreaded residencia, for example and finding a school for thier children. Anyway, I quickly learnt the way of the land and started to help ladies in the group to find the information they needed and when I did'nt know the answer there was always someone in the group that knew. Now the group is a pivotal tool for people moving to our area.

Lockdown has now hit us and although we are all trying hard to be positive, so many of us are worried about our jobs, finances and our businesses. So this is the reason why I have set up this directory to help you the consumer, but to also help the small business owners.

I understand that shopping and spending time out is going to be very different post lockdown.

But I want to ensure that these small businesses still get a look in... Even if its through recommendation, by buying a coffee, by purchasing a gift when its someones birthday or trying to keep-fit with me.

Every little thing each and one of us can do to help these expat businesses will help them from having to pack their bags and go home... Yes... You can make a difference!

So I hope this directory helps you and the small businesses survive this nightmare!

Keep safe for now and we hope to see you very soon!

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